Year end Gardening

freesiaFlowers and produce in the garden plus greenhouse for Christmas ( a bit late ).

Above is a Fresia from bulbs in the greenhouse more flower stems to open later.

winter flowering honeysuckleWinter flowering Honeysuckle, this also gives off a sweet scent.

winter jasmineWinter Jasmine.

witch hazelWitchhazel I also have a Yellow one in a pot but it is still in bud only.

roseA climbing Rose, this bud will probably not open and the frosts will kill it but it looks very nice.lemon tree flower budBack to the geenhouse this is a flower bud on my Lemon tree there are a lot more comming now, they will take most of the year to turn into Lemons and will be ready for picking in 18 months time, that is if the Squirrel will leave them on the tree. This last year he took 2 large ones and a number of small ones off and just left them around the garden.

Below are a few more pictures of plants in the garden that are giving a bit of pleasure to the Winter gloom.catkins on crooked hazel treeteasel headazalea budslichen on azaleaCatkins on a crooked Hazel tree, Teasel heads left for the birds, Azalea buds that will open later in the year to a Orange colour ( the plant is many years old ), Lichen growing on the Azalia shrub,

Now for some funny veg straight out of the garden.

parsnipscarrotsblack spanish raddishParsnips, Carrots, Radish Black Spanish, they are sown end July beginning August and are ready in the winter. They grow to a good size ( tennis ball size ), but this one is twice the size. All you have to do is peel the outside skin and slice, grate or whtever you do with your normal raddish the are solid all way through.

Sorry I’m late with this blog but hope that it will give you something to think about for your next years garden.


Update December

Been a while from my last posting.

Here are a few photographs that I have taken during my travels, Nature and few landscapes.

My local park. This park was paid for by the towns folk as a memorial park for solders from the first World War.

willenhall park

A  Moth that I found and photographed

moth Continue reading

Garden produce


Strawberry very tasty crop.wp-image-234908687Cucumbers a short growing type.wp-image-1537724331Apples this one is Katy and will be ready any day nowwp-image-1628037009Runner Bean a White seeded variety heavy croppingwp-image-73826353Celariac and Broad Beans.wp-image-540963564Carrots under a micro mesh cover to stop Carrot Flywp-image-561103807Rubarb end of season now  but still growing strong.wp-image-891180845Autumn fruiting Raspberries very tasty and sweet.wp-image-1236949506Peppers and Tomatoes  3 different varieties of Tomatoe.wp-image-942869302

This is the vegatables plus Leeks Lettuce Radish and Parsly. I also grow a few herbs Thyme, Mint, Rosemary and Sage. I will put in photos of the flowers and shrubs when possible.